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Richard is the founder of The Space Collective, the flagship company that owns the Star Heroes brand. Throughout his career, Richard has established long-lasting relationships with astronauts, engineers, scientists, and a great many other brilliant people in the aerospace and scientific fields. Richard has also launched five payloads to the International Space Station, logging 1814 days in space, orbiting Earth 28,687 times, and traveling 724,466,853 nautical miles around our world. Throughout the five missions, the payloads were deployed outside the Space Station aboard the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) platform, where they were exposed to solar radiation and the harsh environment of outer space. Richard is also a writer, actor, and trading card game enthusiast with a particular love of sci-fi.

Richard has utilized his knowledge of spaceflight, storytelling, and gaming to create the Star Heroes trading card game.

On behalf of our creator, welcome to Star Heroes!

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