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Hey folks, Richard here. You know, the creator. This has been a long time coming, I have to say! Space Heroes has taken almost three years to create from the ground up! So much blood, sweat, and tears went into making this game the best it could possibly be, and finally, we're at the finish line! All that's left to do are the last round of beta tests!

We are aiming to launch the first Space Heroes trading card game in January 2024, with expansions set to follow that will take you across the universe!

When I envisioned the Space Heroes trading card game, I didn't want it to be a simple race to the top, or a battle for supremacy, but both, and so much more!

To emerge victorious in Space Heroes, you will need to adopt one of many strategies. You must select your heroes carefully, as they will determine your playing style. With your space hero in space, you will need to launch your spaceships into space, build bases on other planets, and expand your influence across the solar system! But that isn't enough, you also need to defend against your enemies incoming attacks - and they will come!

Sabotage and disruption are also a key aspect of the game, without which, you have very little hope of victory.

One must also take into account that each faction has its own playing style. You can adopt the playing style of a single faction in what is known as a Faction Deck, or you can bring two or more factions together and utilize their collective skills in an Alliance Deck, but be careful not to create too large of an alliance, you may gain new abilities, sure, but it comes at a cost! You can also implement Rogues, the scoundrels of the solar system, into your decks to throw your opponent off guard! These unpredictable guns for hire will do just about anything for a bit of coin... can they be trusted? But be warned, your opponent can do the same!

Will you conquer the solar system through domination, guile and cunning, research and intelligence, sabotage and disruption, or all of the above? The choice is yours as you lead your new Empire into the future!

Ad astra, space hero.


The Creator


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