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This promotional pre-launch pack contains a stack of 10 Astero Mining Corporation currency bank notes beautifully designed by our artists. Currency within the Star Heroes universe is known as Astra, with each faction having their own currency design. The bank notes within these packs are in stacks of either 100 Astra, 500 Astra, 1000 Astra, or 10,000 Astra.


Limited to 1000 packs worldwide.


Pull Rates:

100 Astra Bank Notes - 650/1000

500 Astra Bank Notes - 250/1000

1000 Astra Bank Notes - 75/1000

10,000 Astra Bank Notes - 25/1000

Astero Mining Corp Currency Stack Pack Promo

SKU: MC-CSP-1000
Shipping of this product will begin on 1st September 2024.
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