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As the ruler of your new empire, you will call upon the strength of your space heroes, the might of your military, the resourcefulness of your support crew, and the intelligence of your researchers to dominate the solar system!


take flight: starter decks

To play Space Heroes, each player will require a deck of sixty cards. These ready-to-play starter decks contain everything a player needs to rule the Solar System! If you're eager to get started but have never played the game before, these preconstructed decks are a great starting point.

There are four different starter decks available, one for each faction, and each with its own battle style.


  • 1 starter deck of 60 cards, including 1 rare holo hero card visible on the box front

  • 12 game tokens

  • 1 playmat

  • 1 rule book

build your arsenal:
booster packs

Booster packs contain eleven random cards from the Space Heroes: Trading Card Game. You can use booster packs to build a customized deck or to expand on your starter deck. Each card will have different functions, abilities, and benefits beyond those found in the starter decks.


The booster packs contain 7 common cards, 1 rare holo card, and 3 random cards that could be common, rare, epic rare, full art, or legendary. You also have the chance to pull a legendary fabric card, a game card that contains a genuine piece of material that has been used or flown into space!

EACH  booster  pack  INCLUDES:

  • 1 holo card (rare)

  • 1 mission card

  • 1 spacecraft card

  • 1 payload card

  • 1 research card

  • 1 ground crew card

  • 2 alert cards

  • 3 random rarity cards


deck box

Each starter deck box contains 12 starter decks and is perfect for retail stores.


  • 12 starter decks

    • 3 Starforge Dominion starter decks

    • 3 Descent Guilt starter decks

    • 3 Ancient Terra starter decks

    • 3 Astero Mining Corp decks

booster box

Each booster box contains 36 individual booster packs and is perfect for retail stores.

EACH  booster  box  INCLUDES:

  • 36 booster packs

    • 9 Starforge Dominion artwork packs​

    • 9 Descent Guild artwork packs

    • 9 Ancient Terra artwork packs

    • 9 Astero Mining Corp packs

space  heroes
retail  kit

The complete retail kit is the perfect starting point for any brick and mortal retail store and includes everything you need for the Space Heroes trading card game to take center stage in your store.

EACH  retail  kit  INCLUDES:

  • 3 starter deck boxes​

  • 8 booster pack boxes

  • 1 cardboard retail display stand

  • 2 window posters

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