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playing  style: DOMINATION

After the conclusion of the Great War and the mass exodus of Earth, while the other factions ventured out into the darkness of the Solar System, the Starforge Dominion sought the light at the center of their universe; the sun. Led by their all-knowing supreme leader, the Lord Commander, the Dominion constructed a vast network of space stations and cities in orbit around the sun from which they live, work without pause, and dream of absolute power and influence—the main tenets of their civilization. Since the birth of their new empire, and under the oppressive orders of the Lord Commander, the people of the Dominion have been constructing a technological marvel unlike anything humans have ever seen; a Dyson Sphere, a colossal structure encircling a star, harnessing its energy on an unprecedented scale. Now, after over a hundred years of relentless toil, the sphere, known as the Starforge, is finally complete. By blocking starlight from reaching the outer worlds, the Starforge poses a direct challenge to enemy factions and disrupts the balance of power in the Solar System. The Dominion's dominance is undeniable, their power absolute, and their word, law. The time has come to utilize this new power to claim what is rightfully theirs.


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